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The Emblem

The HELVETIA Gold Ounce and HELVETIA Silver Ounce show a standing Helvetia, who first emerged as a female figure synonymous with the Swiss Confederation in the 17th century.

Helvetia is an emblem of Switzerland. As patron of Switzerland and as guardian of law and order as well as prosperity and peace the Helvetia is also part of Finemetal′s logo.Als Schutzpatronin der Schweiz und als Beschützerin von Recht und Ordnung sowie Wohlstand und Frieden trägt auch Finemetal AG die Helvetia im Logo.

No Stamped Denominational Value

The HELVETIA Gold Ounce 999.9 and HELVETIA Silver Ounce 999 do not have a denominational value and are not numbered. The imprinted manufacturer′s mark of Argor Heraeus guarantees authenticity, funigibility and the highest quality minting.

As gold and silver are traded at current daily prices anywhere in the world at any time, investors are also liquid at any time. Gold and silver are internationally sought-after forms of investment and currency.

The HELVETIA Gold Ounce



The HELVETIA Gold Ounce is a classic 999.9 pure gold circular bar in Good Delivery quality for investment and maintenance of value. The HELVETIA Gold Ounce is minted in Switzerland by Argor Heraeusand meets the highest global quality standards. Its authenticity is guaranteed by a certificate.   We thus allow investors to access gold in smaller denominations, with a comparatively low premium. The HELVETIA Gold Ounce is available in a blister with one ounce and in tubes of 10 or 20 ounces each.


Finemetal has redefined the standard bar (12.5 kg, 400 ounces). Finemetal offers 400 HELVETIA Gold Ounces packaged in 20 tubes with 20 HELVETIA Gold Ounces each altogether in a stainless steel box on the market. There is a strong demand for the redefined standard bar of 400 HELVETIA Gold Ounces.


The HELVETIA Silver Ounce

The HELVETIA Silver Ounce is a precious fine silver 999 circular bar in Good Delivery quality for investment and maintenance of value. With the continuing devaluation of paper money silver is being remonetised and inherits monetary functions besides its industrial relevance. FINEMETAL exclusively offers a series of HELVETIA fine silver 999 in 1 oz.

The HELVETIA Silver Ounce is available as a single piece, in tubes of 20 ounces or in a precious box of 200 ounces.


We supply two sizes of coin tubes for storing your gold coins. If you wish we can stamp your logo on the lid. Please direct enquiries to info@finemetal.ch.